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Author Topic: How to overhaul Look Keo Blade 2 pedals.  (Read 437 times)
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« on: November 06, 2017, 06:02:16 PM »

I've tried different brand pedals, but kept going back to look. It's the best road pedals, imo. The only downside is durability. Mine only lasts up to 6-8 months. The seals aren't as good. Bearings easily deteriorate especially after a rainy ride. Look doesn't recommend to open the pedals. They made it disposable. If you want to prolong your look pedals, follow the steps.
1. Pry the plastic end caps with a cutter.

2. Insert a 3mm allen.

3. Insert a 6mm allen on the other end of the spindle and loosen.

4. Pull out the spindle from the pedal body.

5. Here's an exploded view of the pedal, very simple!

6. There are 3 bearings in one side of the pedal. A very tiny cartridge bearing near the plastic end cap, needle bearing beside it, and another cartridge bearing near the threaded part of the spindle. The only bearing that is susceptible to damage is the one near the crank arm. It is possible to replace the bearing, but it will be a challenge since it's tiny and pressfitted to the spindle. To avoid this, don't wait for the bearings to get rough. Factory bearings doesn't have enough grease so better to repack it as early as possible.
Remove the rubber seal then repack with fresh grease.

7. Grease needle bearings, pedal body, and axle end.

8. Insert the axle back to the pedal body, remember the positions of the spacers.

9. Apply blue threadlock to the end bolts and tighten.

10. Dab a little blue threadlock on the pedal body end then put back  the plastic end cap.

Good as new!
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